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Classic Literature

   * literary arts in ladakh : a reproduction of a collection of bhotia manuscripts on poetics, prosody, sanskrit grammar, lexicography, etc. from the library of the former ruling family [W20515]
     (5 vol)
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Didactic Literature

   * zhal gdams kyi skor [W00KG0549]
     (1 vol)
         o view outline 
   * sa skya legs bshad [W00KG0550]
     ethico-didactic work of the 13th century; with commentary (1 vol)
         o view outline 
   * dge ldan legs bshad [W00KG0551]
     didactic work of the 15th century with a commentary on difficult words (1 vol)
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   * bstan bcos kyi skor [W00KG0552]
     didactic treatises using examples from water, trees, iron, wind, earth, and fire (1 vol)
         o view outline 
   * rgyal po lugs kyi bstan bcos sa gzhi skyong ba'i rgyan [W00KG0553]
     treatise containing advice for rulers, specifically the king of derge (1 vol)
         o view outline 
   * bslab bya'i skor [W00KG0554]
     collected instructions by various teachers (1 vol)
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Gesar Epic

   * ge sar [W26078]
     Collection of episodes from the Gesar epic; reproduced from edited typescripts from Bhutan; this was a major project of Kunsang Tobgyel (31 vol)
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return from death literature

   * three bonpo visionary accounts of hell [W30537]
     Bon accounts of the death experience; these are parallel to the rich Buddhist 'das log literature (1 vol)
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Tibetan grammar (sum rtags)

commentaries on the sum cu pa and rtags kyi 'jug pa

   * dkyil grwa dka' chen pad+ma'i brda dag phyogs bsgrigs [W30442]
     collection of works on tibetan orthography contents: dag yig kun btus kyi don mchan mthong ba kun shes blo gsal mgul rgyan.-- legs bshad ljon dbang gi 'grel chung blo gsal thos 'dzin dbang por 'jebs pa'i brda sprod tshig gi gling bu.-- rtags 'jug dka' gnad gsal ba'i me long gi 'grel pa rigs lam gser gyi lde mig.--sum cu pa'i zur rgyan legs bshad pad+ma dkar po'i phreng ba.-- byA ka rA Na'i rtsa ba sum cu pa dang rtags kyi 'jug pa. (1 vol)