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Чецун Ньингтиг

The Heart Essence of Chetsun - Chetsün Nyingtik (lce btsun snying tig)

The Chetsün Nyingtig is one of the most important Dzogchen instructions, based on a transmission from Vimalamitra. Jamyang Khyentse had a vision of Chetsün Senge Wangchuk which inspired him to write the precious teaching known as Chetsün Nyingtik. Senge Wangchuk (11th-12th century) is among the lineage gurus in the Nyingtik transmission, which he received from his root guru, Dangma Lhüngyal (gnas brtan ldang ma lhun gyi rgyal mtshan), as well as directly from Vimalamitra. As a result of his high level of realization, his physical body transformed to a rainbow body at the time of death. In a later reincarnation as Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo, he remembered the Dzogchen teachings which Senge Wangchuk had transmitted to the dakini Palgyi Lodrö and wrote them down as the terma Chetsün Nyingtik, the 'Heart Essence of Chetsün.' The name Chetsün (lce btsun) means "noble tongued" - someone who never lied, slandered or gossiped. RY Contents

Линия передачи

These teachings were later re-revealed as Yangter (yang gter) in the 19th century by:

   * Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo, who then passed them on to:
   * Jamgon Kongtrul
   * Adzom Drukpa
   * Lerab Lingpa
   * Jedrung Trinley Jampa Jungne
   * Khenchen Tashi Ozer 

Primary Texts

   * man ngag thams cad kyi rgyal po klong lnga'i yi ge dum bu gsum pa
   * khrid yig snying po'i bcud dril thig le gsang rdzogs
   * bshad khrid chu 'babs su bkod pa snying po'i bcud dril ye shes thig le
   * zab khrid dpal ldan bla ma'i zhal lung bslad med yid la gang zin gyi zin tho
   * khrid kyi zin bris bla ba'i dgongs rgyan
   * 'od gsal rdzogs pa chen po yang gsang bla na med pa spyi'i khyad par gyi khrid yig lam bzang ye shes snying po 

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