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Kargyu Sertreng

    • 'ba' ra bka' brgyud gser 'phreng chen mo [W19231]

Biographies of the successive masters of the Bara Kargyu tradition, a branch of the Drugpa Kargyu; this collection was a treasure of the Tra Kusho lineage. (4 vol)

    • dkar brgyud gser 'phreng [W30123]

Collected biographies of a series of masters of a branch of the Bara Kagyu of the Drugpa tradition; the manuscript is a rare illustrated ume manuscript, presumably of the 15th century (1 vol)

    • rwa lung dkar brgyud gser 'phreng [W19222]

Brief lives of the successive masters in the transmission lineage of the Drugpa Kargyud masters of Ralung; this set was printed from the 1771-1772 Punakha blocks; these blocks were destroyed by fire in 1796 (4 vol)

    • bka' brgyud yid bzhin nor bu yi 'phreng ba [W23181]

This Sertreng or "golden rosary of lives" recounts the stories of the great masters transmitting the methods of practice of the Drigung and Martsang Kagyu lineages of Tibet. (1 vol)

    • shangs pa bka' brgyud bla rabs kyi rnam thar [W20441]

Collection of biographical material on the successive masters of the early Shangpa tradition (1 vol)

Miscellaneous Biographical Works

    • bka'-brgyud-pa hagiographies : a collection of rnam-thar or eminent masters of tibetan buddhism [W20499]

(4 vol)

    • kun dga' grol mchog gi phyi nang gsang gsum gyi rnam thar [W30073]

Collection of biographical materials connected with the life of the Jonang master Kunga Drolchog from Mustang (1507-1565/1566) and his previous embodiments (1 vol)

    • bstan srung rgya mtsho'i rnam thar [W9366]

Account of various protective deities; Lelung Jedrung Zhepai Dorje (b. 1697) was a Gelugpa cleric, one of the three powerful incarnation lineages of Drepung. He began to receive visions and almost the whole of his collected works is a prolonged account of his experiences, worldly and esoteric. One of his most famous works is this "biographical account" of the protective deities of Tibet. This is an important work for understanding the role of dharma protectors in the Buddhism of Tibet. The original manuscript was from the library of the late Trijang Rinpoche, junior tutor to H.H. the Dalai Lama (2 vol)

    • rje btsun bla ma shAkya shrI dz+nyA na'i rnam thar [W2DB5977]

(1 vol)